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It has more safety margin than a Glock, because of the long takeup
I don't really consider that a safety feature, but to each his own.

the hammer you can physically block with your thumb
That I really do like.

But it has a very similar trigger pull and reset.
Reset to me is noticeably longer than most striker fired pistols, but not prohibitively so.

I hate that long light takeup. Idk why but I really do. I would much rather have a DA first pull where the pull has resistance the whole way. I find I can use that resistance to steady my shot. To me a LEM trigger just has a lot of slack.

But to Scotch's credit there are a LOT of people over on HKpro that love the LEM. My advice though is to really try it first. It honestly is a love it or leave it thing. Can't rely on anyone's opinion, including mine.
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