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Well, that was one of the wrinkles that I didn't get off into:

(f)(l) A person who has been adjudicated mentally ill under subsection (e) of this section may file a petition in circuit court one (1) year after the adjudication for the return of a firearm or ammunition confiscated under this section.
(2) A circuit court shall return the firearm or ammunition if the circuit court finds that the person is not mentally ill to the extent that the person is prohibited from possessing a firearm under § 5-73-103.

(3) A subsequent petition for the return of the person's firearm or ammunition may be filed one (1) year after the date of the final order from the denial of a previous petition.
(g) A firearm or ammunition seized under this section shall be held by the local law enforcement agency that seized the firearm or ammunition until a circuit court orders:
(1) The release of the firearm or ammunition to the person from whom it was seized or to the owner of the firearm or ammunition; or

(2) The destruction of the firearm or ammunition.
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