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From the article 1

Get to the range with an adequate supply of sized brass, the primers, powder and bullets you intend to test, and get to work. Work up to your magic number velocity and record the charge weight and powder type and lot number. From there, if there are no adverse pressure signs, you can continue varying your charge weight as you seek accuracy, but remain vigilant for pressure signs!
This seems to say work up the velocity first then work on the accuracy . In the article he is talking about palma match loads so I assume he is getting that 2800+fps out of a 30" barrel . It also appears he is barely to the number he needs for all conditions with that 2800+ . I don't think I'll ever get my 24" barrel safely anywhere near that velocity .

Although I want to shoot 1000yds with my 24" 308 . That Will not be the distance I will be shooting most of the time . Realistically I will be shooting 3 to 6 hundred yards most of the time . There are very few places to shoot 1k in southern California . I can find BLM land to about 600yds no problem so that will be the longest I shoot most of the time .

What my plan is and or was is to use 175gr SMK . Work up a load that can shoot 1k accurately and consistently and use that for all my shooting .

1) Will I be able to get my 24 " barreled 308 to shoot 1k accurately and consistently ? ( assuming I do my part bla bla bla )

2) if so will that load likely work for all ranges from 100 to 1000 yards ?
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