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According to this article in the New York Times:
The Senate bill is likely to include the school safety measure, and it may be expanded to include the enhanced background checks. But Mr. Reid is weighing the relative merits of bringing that measure to the floor, which for now has limited support from Republicans.

Mr. Reid said he would allow the assault weapons ban and the limits on magazine sizes to be offered as amendments, Ms. Feinstein said.
So Sen. Reid has separated the magazine size limit and the AWB both from the bill and from each other -- each will require a separate vote to be included as an amendment.

And judging from the above, Mr. Reid is still considering stripping the background check provision from the bill in the same way. If that happens, that will leave two things as part of the actual bill, before amendment votes. First, it will make straw purchases more of a crime than they are already, with stiffer penalties; second, it will provide for grants for increasing school safety, which may or may not actually be funded.
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