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Oh, I don't hide the fact that I own guns. . . from folks I know. I do have to have a minute to get a bead on someone, though. Everyone I work with knows I have guns. I'm "the gun lawyer" in the office. I take vacation days to go hunting. It's not a secret when I go to the range. Someone knocking uninvited at my door holding a clipboard . . . that's a different matter altogether. I'm always concerned that they're casing me and my place for a future robbery. Not that I have a whole lot of stuff worth stealing, but I'm not about to give them that information.
A gunfight is not the time to learn new skills.

If you ever have a real need for more than a couple of magazines, your problem is not a shortage of magazines. It's a shortage of people on your side of the argument. -- Art Eatman
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