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How about .223?

I recently posted an email asking people's views on my next rifle purchase, including all my preferences. All options were in .308 as I have reloading dies and it is a round that seems capable of reaching my dream of 1km!

One model was the CZ 550 Varmint. It ticks almost all the boxes. It is also the most expensive.

However, a new option has arisen: a used CZ 527 Varmint in .223. The best bit is it is WAAAAY cheaper than the new options I have been looking at

What would a .308 do that a .223 could not?
By this I mean, people say that a .308 is an 800-1000m round, tops. Beyond that it ceases to maintain decent energy and velocity.

So, what would be the equivalent figures for .223 whilst still being in its own efficacy range?

If .308 can be used on Elk, for example, as the biggest kind of game it can comfortably handle, what sort of game would .223 limit me to, if I chose to hunt?
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