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My preference might be to have multiple, loaded firearms rather than to have to reload in the event of a confrontation. Or I might prefer to keep a firearm in each of several rooms rather than carry a gun from room to room. That's my plan for self-defense.
Mine, too. Currently, multiple loaded handguns, a shotgun with rounds in the tube but not chambered, and an AR-15 located in close proximity to a loaded 20-round mag. As the fella' said, "If I get killed, it won't be for lack of ammo."
Jim's Rules of Carry: 1. Any gun is better than no gun. 2. A gun that is reliable is better than a gun that is not. 3. A hole in the right place is better than a hole in the wrong place. 4. A bigger hole is a better hole.

no guns = might makes right
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