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AK103K, there's not a 10,000 psi difference between commercial and military ammo.
'Bart, thats what I was getting at. There are a lot of other people though, who believe the that there is. Im in your court, believing there is really little or no difference.

I have still yet to find any data showing a comparison between military and commercial ammo that was actually done on the same equipment, using the same method. The SAAMI page you referenced is in the link I posted above, and only deals with commercial ammo. If they also ran 7.52x51, or .30 M2 ball, or any of the other military rounds through their equipment, I missed it.

Since all the claims Ive seen state there is no direct conversion or equality of the different methods, whats needed to end the debate, is a straight up comparison of all of them, on the same equipment, using the same method. Until then, everything else is just speculation, no matter how compelling the argument.
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