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I found a nicely-figured, slightly used one in .22 WMR and decided to not get the other barrels because I have other .22 LRs and don't want to shoot the .17.

If I had more than one barrel, I'd consider having a different scope to be used for each barrel, sighted-in to best match the trajectory of the cartridge. That way, it's more likely that a person wouldn't need to sight in the rifle each time the barrel is swapped. (Label each scope, to keep them straight.)

The rifle is nice, but mine needed to have a few "tweaks" to shoot 1" groups at 100 yards. It's finicky on ammo choice also, preferring CCI V-Max, 30 grain rounds. A few other brands/types shot well, but nowhere near the same POI.
People are like rifles. Some are tried and true, having great eyes, personality, and fun to be with. Others never seem to hit the mark with you. Still others go off half-cocked. Still, it's nice to know most of them.

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