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Only been cut once that required neither stitches or staples. Came to a instant realization at that event. If I wanted to play lumberjack in my spare time. I had better learn and do what the professional timber men use for saw safety equipment. Haven't fired up my saws since without my safety pants, helmet, and hearing muffs on. Best investments I ever made to protect myself while in those dearly beloved woods of mine.~~ Well almost. ~~that Series 70 Colt 1911 Cup I bought years ago for C/C. That too helps also in the human jungle I seem to spend way to much of my time in. Either scenario? (It's not rocket science just good common sense to do.)

bswiv: It sounds as though one of them little woodsy fellers (almost) got the best of you. >But not quite! Thank, Goodness_
"Any rifle will shoot bullets through the same hole. You just have to be able to see well enough to aim right."
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