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psyfly there is no need to apologize. Thread drift is normal and sometimes brings up thoughts that I and others may not have thought of.

As for porting I have just never liked it. Plus if you pull a gun in close to your body to keep from getting it snatched from you, you may get a face full of muzzle blast if you have to fire it. Plus you can't shoot shot capsules from most ported barrels.

The 44 Tracker I bought so I could carry it with shot loads on a snakey deer lease I was on and then found out shot loads were a big no no in that gun.

I did shoot my Tracker with full power loads a few times but most were 44SP equivelent or light 44 mag loads. It was fun to shoot and I never had any problems with it. I suspect the Rossi would be just as good.

Dano that SS Tracker would do the trick too. Not in stock though. Plus a couple hundred bucks more than the blued one I found. Thanks for the link.

Did anyone see Rossi is making 30-30s, 45-70 and 410 lever actions? I saw those when I went to their site yesterday. They look like copies of the Marlin guns.
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