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And again I'm not saying there is anything wrong with preferring something else. I am not the biggest fan of grip safeties either. But the last two 9mm Glocks I have owned have spit hot brass right into my face. Idk about you but I don't wear safety glasses when conceal carrying, so that's not something that thrills me and in that case I choose the grip safety. M&Ps are good too, I just hate the way the backstraps make a bulge at the back of the grip and the last one I owned would start failing to feed once it got dirty. I don't hate the SR9c, but between manual safety and grip safety I choose grip safety.

Simply put, the XDs and XDms I've owned have been more reliable than any of the Glocks or M&Ps I've owned. I know there are plenty of happy owners of those firearms so I have nothing against those models. But right now I go with what my personal experience has lead me to, that's all.
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