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I think everybody that shoots should know how to use iron sights . When I started teaching my son I not only used iron sights first but made sure the gun was NOT sighted in . That first day we did it all . iron sights and he learned how to sight them in . Then we went to scoped shooting and we zeroed that gun first and worked on the fundamentals while doing both irons and scoped . By the end of the 2nd day he was shooting 3.75" groups at 300yds with a 308 . There was one huge problem with doing so much so fast . He only remembered about half of what was taught that weekend . The basics he retained but some of the specifics of each firearm he did not remember . We shot a lot of different guns so that was OK

If I were to do it again I would do a whole lot less the first couple times we went . I like the Idea of reactive targets but would start him on paper and iron sights . Bring one of your low recoil scoped rifles to shoot and let him have a go . My son loves shooting with a scope but all things being equal I think he shoots better with iron sights
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