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Since you mentioned H&R, I was looking real hard at this.
That is a very nice H&R. I wouldn't hesitate on another one for sure. I think that one is even older than my 929.

I see SWMBO strikes again (she, who must be obeyed) . Thanks for posting, I enjoy reading stuff like that. And she's right that is a "cute" revolver. Besides isn't that what Doc Holiday carried in Tombstone? A couple birds heads? I have seen some videos now on the tube that people say the bluing isn't all that great. Well I wouldn't think so at the price point. And yeah a Single Six is a better revolver, I'm sure. But I threw the Heritage in the Cart when I was ammo shopping on Classic Firearms last night. Not only that I CAN NOT pay Rugers Price for a .22. I just CAN"T its ingrained in my soul. For that kind of money if better throw a whole lot more lead than 40grains.
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