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If you have around $800 to spend, or maybe a bit more, that should get you into used-Anschutz territory.

But if you're just starting out and want a nice bolt-action .22, a CZ will likely make you just as happy, for a good bit less money. I love my 452... the trigger needed a little work, but other than that, it was a joy to shoot right from the get-go. Bolt-actions are good when you're learning, because you have to take a bit of time with each shot, and not just bang away.

And if you're going to be doing most of your shooting at a 25-yd. indoor range, you'll almost certainly be limited to .22 or other pistol calibers. That's how it is in my neck of the woods, anyway.

And for some of us, accuracy is never boring. I've had that dang CZ for a few years now, and it's still more accurate than I am...
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