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Just when you think you have them figured out

They go and tighten the groups up for you!! I was out blasting away at some water jugs today and I thought, hey lets do some groups. So the first group I fired with just 30grs, wad, ball. And it was respectable. But then, the second cylinder I put 30grs, TWO wads, then the ball. Looks to me like the Sheriff LIKES the ball closer to the forcing cone. So next time out, I guess I will play with some filler and see how much to put in that thang! Just ONE more reason to go shoot!! Oh oh dear, did I run some balls through it today. I lost count, with that press and me having 3 cylinders there isn't a milk jug, juice bottle, mayo jar, 2 liter, or a tin can that safe in this COUNTY
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