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The compromise, of course, would be the Astra Constable, single stack .380 acp or a Mak.

The Astra, a blued example, was the first gun I'd seen in a shop that made me stop and gulp. My first ever episode of gun lust. Before that, I'd simply been looking around for a good value purchase for my first gun.

I had rejected it with a heavy heart because it did not fit my needs.
Later I had seen a 232 and it too had taken my breath away.

Still the same problems with the Astra would apply as they did back then: too few spares (although, being a PPK copy, perhaps some spares are interchangeable with the Walther )

That said, side by side, I find the Sig prettier. I think it is the stainless steel thing...
The Mak I have a soft spot for as it is the gun I learnt to shoot on, but it doesn't hold a candle to the other in looks.

There is an Astra and at €225 it is less than half the price of the Sig. Would those saved €€€ make up for the slight decrease in aesthetics? Dunno.

Aside from breakages, though, I don't think I'd ever wear out a pistol, so perhaps the Astra would be a good choice, or would it be the Sig that almost was... hard to say and expensive to find out...

Forlorn rambling again...
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