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Joe should go to an event like the NTI. I mentioned this before. We had a mystery gun stage. You had to house clear with a double barrel coach gun. The trick was that you were in a hospital like gown to simulate getting out of bed in your PJs or ...

So you had no pockets. You did have a box of shells - bird and slugs mixed. Then you faced a slew of humanoid knock down targets. So manipulating the gun, reloading, trying to distinguish between round type, etc. was quite the stress challenge. One set of targets were at a distance, so you were supposed to figure out which was a slug to load that. Forget it, I just shoveled in what I had and shot away. Not being familiar with the gun, I kept forgetting the safety came on when you reload. There was no hint about that.

Then you faced two down a hall way and guess what a third was on your flank. I butt stroked it in the head. I suppose Jill would be up for that instead of having a full mag of 223.

She's a PhD, IIRC, and can't figure out an AR? Geez.

If you shot a warning shot in the air, you probably would have been DQ'ed with extreme prejudice.
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