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Ruger MK III failure to fire

I've put about 200 rounds through my new Ruger MK III target, the first 50 or so went smooth as silk, after that I have a fail to fire almost half the time. When it happens the trigger feels free like its not pulling against anything and I have only seen one round that didnt fire that had been struck. I must assume that was the ammo's fault. All the rest of the rounds that I ejected after the fail to fire had not been touched by the firing pin. I can pull the bolt back and forth and eject and insert the mag a few times and it will fix it for a shot or two, then fail again. Ive tried CCI, Winchester, and Remington ammo, all with the same results.

What would cause this?

Has anybody seen this problem in a new MK III?

Should I try to fix it or send it back to Ruger?
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