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Originally Posted by Glen
Well, shooting it in the air is a hoot!

Even my antigun friends think he is stupid on that one.
Some years ago a friend was having trouble with a grandbaby-daddy who got mean with his daughter (who still lived at home) and threatened to shoot the rest of the family. I worked for the sheriff and we both lived out in the county, about a mile apart. So I stopped to check on them and when they invited me in, I saw his old 870 leaned in the corner of the 'mudroom'- where farm folks get out of their muddy clothes when returning home.

I said 'Looks like you're ready _____. I've got some extra 00 Buck in the car if you need it.' He says "Naw, there's quail loads in it. (Local Police Chief) told me if he showed up, to just shoot over his head, pepper his car and call you guys."

Once we got that sorted out, I visited the idiot who provided that advice and sorted him out, too.

I don't like Joe either, but I don't underestimate his understanding of his audience. That shotgun comment had the potential to appeal to an amazing range of country folks, fudds and liberals who shoot, but fall for that 'sporting purposes' BS. We can all be thankful his hoof-in-mouth moment ruined that to some degree.
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