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I have some high end 1911s and an STI Spartan, their bottom tier gun. Mine came with an excellent adjustable rear sight and a good fiber optic front sight. Sights are often personal preference but these are very good sights. STI has a patented trigger system which is top notch. Yeah, the trigger itself is a polymer but the system creates a very clean break. There are some who pull out the triggers on Ed Browns and put in STI's. Likely, you won't need a trigger job. Fitting is tight. The bushing is Baer-tight.

Oh, did I mention accuracy? It is a very accurate pistol in my hands, as good as my high end guns. Now, in a machine rest, some of them may be more accurate but not in my hands.

The finish on the Spartan is utilitarian but for about a thousand dollars or so, you can get an STI Trojan which is finished more nicely. STI has other models as well.
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