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You can see these targets in this article at Infowars: "Law Enforcement “Requested” Shooting Targets of Pregnant Women - DHS supplier responds to outrage over “no hesitation” targets which include children"

They are very realistic: photos of actual people with guns. It's clear when you look at them that they are intended to be used to desensitize LEOs to shooting old folks, pregnant women, children, etc. All show people holding guns; most are shown aiming them at the viewer.

There's also a 6'30" audio clip of a conversation someone named Blaine Cooper had with a company spokeswoman, who refused to give her name. Here's an excerpt, just to give the flavor:
Cooper: "Why would your guys's company provide pictures of real gun owners, and pregnant women, as targets?"

Woman: "Well, I don't know what you mean by real gun owners."

Cooper: "Well, the pictures that are on the targets are actually pictures of real people that are gun owners."

Woman: "We train, er, we sell to all gun owners."

Cooper: "I understand that."

Woman: "And we do carry a lot of real life photos."

Cooper: "You don't, you don't see a problem with pregnant people, ah, to sell pictures of pregnant people, with guns, to shoot pregnant ladies?

Woman: "Unfortunately our world is made up of people, pregnant or otherwise... that do... that are not always... gun owners... not for the right reasons.
I realize this is a touchy point to bring up, but I can't help wondering if some of the outrage over these pictures is (perhaps unconsciously) due to the fact that all the people shown are white; if this isn't, on some level, what Cooper means when he says "real people," or "real gun owners."

I doubt that there would be quite as much indignation over a photo of, say, a pregant Somali woman wearing a headscarf.
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