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FrankenMauser: The NOE stickiness seems to be caused by temperature differences between the HP (or flat) pin, and the blocks. The slightly different cooling rates seem to make the crimp groove and/or lube grooves hang up.
The crappy thing about that mold, is that there isn't anything wrong with it. Its a good mold. It just doesn't get along with my style of casting.
I got a brass NOE 360-160WFN RG-4 mold that is absolutely my favorite bullet. But I haven't ever cast with it. (I always got a friend of mine to do it, but he threw in the towel finally, due to it sticking half the time. And I'm running out of the bullets that he made for me.) It's a 4 cav and I'm wondering if there is even any use in me trying it with my ladle casting technique, or just keep it mothballed until I can afford one of those new Lyman Mag 25's or some other PID controlled bottom pour?
I can cast fast enough to keep this 2 cav MP mold going (most of the time), but I'm wondering if it'll work with a 4 cav. Perhaps a 4 cav will hold more heat than a 2 cav and it will be friendly to me? Thoughts on this anyone?
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