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On an emotional level, yes, it's hard to condemn them.

On the level of professionalism, not so much. The officers directly involved in Mr. Dorner's death were not LAPD, and it's chilling to hear them shouting "Burn the mother---", etc. It's even more chilling that they then did exactly that, rather than waiting him out, as Willie Sutton notes above. I don't know if it amounts to a crime, given that deadly force was clearly already being used, but deliberately trying to burn someone alive is... just nasty.

Originally Posted by Spats McGee
While I understand the officers' urge to "get" Dorner, it's undisputed that he had not faced a trial of a jury of his peers. I have very, very grave reservations about police carrying out summary executions.
Exactly. Well said, Spats.
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