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I was taught years ago by my US Navy command's small arms marksmanship instructor that for personal defense, use the numbers. By "numbers" he means this for 6-shot revolvers: 6 shots in 6 seconds at 6 yards inside 6 inches. Change the numbers to 7 for a .45 M1911. And 13 for my Browning 9mm. Then do it to at least the 80% level; 80% of your shots do it. My nephew on a Kansas police department says that's good and easy to do standard.

I've heard that US Air Marshall have to pass a 1.5 second rule in training. Seated in a passenger seat aboard a plane, their .357 SIG 229 loaded and consealed inside their coat, show an apple size target at 7 yards and he has to stand, draw then shoot and hit it. . .inside 1.5 seconds.
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