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Cimmarons Conversions

A young fella here in my unit was asking me some questions about Cimmarons Conversion pistols. I couldn't answer them, but I told him I KNEW where I could get the answers he wanted. He wants to buy the "man with no name" conversion. which is a '51 Navy with factory conversion to shoot 38 S&W, 38 special. He wants to know about bore size. I was surprised that he knew to ask about it. He works in a gun shop in FL so maybe he knows a thing or two. I told him that the .51 navy shoots a .375 to .380 ball, and that .38 bullets are .358. So are these conversions set up with a barrel that is sized to the .38's .357-.358 bullet diameter. Or is it a standard round ball Navy Barrel? And also do you have to shoot only cowboy ammo through these as well.
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