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What always struck me, when hunters mistake a person for game, is that most game laws specify a minimum antler size, or even that you can't shoot antlerless game.
While I consider 100% target identification to be non-negotiable, I wouldn't say that "most games laws specify...". There are a great many areas that have no size/gender requirements whatsoever. Virtually all of NY State issues "doe tags" along with the standard "one antler 3 inches or longer" tag and any person who has a antlerless/doe tag for the area where they are hunting has a "free for all". If the antler(s) are under 3", it's "antlerless", if over, it's a buck. I know some other states don't even require tags and (essentially) every animal of the species is fair game, at least at certain times during the season.

No excuse for shooting at a person, but actually identifying the animal "exactly" isn't required at all. It's the old cliche "If it's brown, it's down."
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