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Originally Posted by ScottRiqui
If she's convicted, I think this may be a case of the defendant "talking her way into a prison sentence". There's nothing explicitly illegal about buying a large number of guns in a short time, now that "one gun a month" is no longer the law here in Virginia. And I don't even think there's anything inherently illegal about privately selling multiple guns in a short time - think of a collector culling out his collection, or a widow selling her dead husband's guns.

It sounds like her problem is going to come from the fact that she admitted to buying the guns with the intent to turn them around for a profit.
Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner.

For those of you who may never have worked in the criminal defense field, let assure you that you would be astounded at the number of people who talk themselves right into jail time.
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