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I did check and midway . They do both show that the speer 165 gr btsp has a BC of .52 . How ever the speer website has the BC of there 168gr match bullet at .53 and midway has it at .48 . I wonder if they are getting that BC cus they are pushing them faster then you will ever get out of a .308 . I know you get 2 or 3 different BC readings at different velocity's . The 175gr SMK has 3 BC ratings . .505 for 2800fps and above , .496 between 2800 and 1800 fps , .485 @ 1800 fps and below . I'm not finding any loads that push the 175gr SMK safely much faster then 2700fps . I guess what I.m saying here is , I'm still in a bit of denial about that .52 BC of the speer 165 gr btsp .

My balistic calculator says @ 2700fps that bullet will shoot 1400yds . a 308 staying super sonic that far . I can get the 200gr SMK to match that data but thats at 2700fps . I dont think anybody can get that out of a 308 . It will also drop 80 feet at that distance . I don't even have enough adjustment in my scope for that . Im still going to buy some to check them out . I've been wrong before .
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