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Never owned one...but spent several afternoons here on our farm with friends who tried out their new "Judges". All three had triggers that a gorilla would have trouble pulling, but were good enough to keep the .45 Colts on a piece of copy paper at 21 feet...and that's good enough for across the bedroom shots, so long as you had strong hands to pull that abominable trigger. Accuracy was something else however.....

As I've stated here before, the Federal brand buckshot loads failed to penetrate soft poplar fencing 21 feet...I wonder how they'd perform on a well dressed intruder. The .45's did much better, fully penetrating and leaving those really big holes...the trouble was that they'd managed to key-hole at 21 feet! It was a palm sized group at that distance with me doing the shooting so I can't lay it off to an inexperienced shooter....

I'd not buy a Taurus based on the examples I've seen in person, nor for the lack of customer service reported here and elsewhere on the net.

Finally, one poster here reported that Remington is now owned by the Taurus people....hope to gosh that's not true....

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