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I'm not sure if its advertised on the site or not, but when they did the group buy on the 165 he offered a 314 dia too if that helps you out any.
314 dia. is to much for my purposes. 311-312 max. NOE has a 6 month wait on there 3 cav molds though. Accurate Molds on the other hand can ship fairly quick. But they don't do any HPs. Where as NOE does. Both manufactures use aluminum for their blocks. I know I can get a Lyman 2 cav and have one cavity HP'ed pretty reasonable. By doing it that way I would have iron instead of aluminum and the Lyman would be near the same price as NOE or Accurate >aluminum< molds price. Still undecided how to proceed. Again its still a work in progress reloader28.-
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