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I would of described the gun this way (without knowing the serial number I go by your 1920s DOB)...38 Hand Ejector Model of 1905, 4th change Target Variation. I would have added that it was part of S&Ws Military and Police line of guns. I believe by then that S&W was calling them the M&P line. I would not have called it a pre-M&P.
That makes sense to me.

Nice pre-Model 10/pre Victory there, KYJim.

If someone told you that it's a pre-M&P, though, that's absolutely incorrect, because the Model of 1899, the very first .38 Hand Ejectors, were Military & Police Models, and that name has been carried through to today.
Thanks for the compliment. It's a really nice revolver to shoot. On the pre-M&P designation, maybe I'll just start using Tipoc's description.
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