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It a nice thought that your wanting to keep your rifle in good condition. But it is indeed a tool that over time will wear out if shot allot. All powders can create barrel throat erosion. Just that some grades of powders will do it a little quick. Large charges of slow burning powders. Especially so. I've been reloading 243 for many years for the Son and I and have always used the little 75-80 gr. HPs. Which is our preference for Deer here in Minnesota when it comes to hunting with our 243s. I do prefer using IMR-4831 measured at a rather large charge rate under that 75. So we both accept that my little R- 77 Flat Bolt and the son's 77 Round Bolt accuracies will indeed fall off some day. To where they both become close quarters rifles. Threading the scaled Charge Rate I use would serve no purpose for you I don't believe? Although it is a very accurate and a speedy load up well past 3400 fps. But OP if you feel differently and want to try it. Just PM me for the charge rate and my brass choice. ( Why Brass?: One brand gave me better results in accuracy over all the rest.) No problem what-so-ever if wanting. Good luck with your quest Sir._

"Any rifle will shoot bullets through the same hole. You just have to be able to see well enough to aim right."
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