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Looks like a old Llama version if has a external extractor and that bottom grip screw is at bottom of grip. Llama went under around 2006 . Firestorm 1911's were brought back out again ,At same time as American Classic Both were then made by Metro Arms in Philippines . The name was dropped in American Line up after a couple years as no reason to have 2 pistols from same parent company compeating against each other.

Firestorm brand was just a name Company contracts with a firearm company to make guns roll marked with their brand name.
In the DA/SA auto ine Firestorm was made by Bersa.

Some Colts 22 and 25 were made by Astra with a Colt roll mark . This not uncommon in firearm world. Some Walthers to day are not made by Walthers just their name on the slide.
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