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HiBC saved me a bunch of typing in post 141. I second everything he said. I was and remain against background checks of any kind.

First, they rang the death knell of a legal principle known as 'presumption of innocence'. You should not have to preemptively and repeatedly confirm your innocence to exercise a constitutional right.

Second, they are a nuisance only to the law abiding and they are a tool of infringement the second amendment prohibits.

Third, they are completely ineffective. Hardcore criminals, terrorists and (other) crazies and not going to stand around, waiting to buy a gun, while somebody runs a background check on them. They will get guns and they won't give a rat's ass if it's suddenly MORE illegal for them to obtain them.

Did you miss that? Hardcore criminals and crazies don't give a damn about ANY of your glorious laws. They laugh at them and they laugh at you for being stupid enough to think such a thing. They rejoice at any legal mechanism that inhibits their victims' ability to defend themselves.

Whose side are you on?
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