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I traded my kimber for a Sig 1911 tacpac, haven't looked back since. The kimber was a great gun, but the kimber was tired and had several thousand rounds down the pipe. I had an opportunity to trade for a lnib Sig and I took off like a thief. The Sig is every bit as good as my kimber. Don't believe the hype about kimber being a bad gun, because of mindless internet banter.
Kimber custom stainless II, Ruger GP100 6" barrel .357 magnum, Sig p226 ST .40, Taurus Raging Bull .454 casull 6.5", Remington 870 tactical magnum, Taurus pt22, S&W 629-1 3" .44 mag, Ruger Redhawk .44mag 7.5", Beretta M9;
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