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I've had good luck with HP38 or it's twin, Winchester 231 for light to medium loads...say up to 1100 fps with most any bullet. Either is particularly good with LSWC's. For jacketed high speed hunting loads suitable for use on deer, I like both 2400 or Accurate #9. Both can give you 1300 fps with 210 gr JHP's, and neither needs "Magnum" primers. I use Winchester Lg Pistol Primers for all the above listed powders with great accuracy...My S&W M57 and two Ruger New Model Blackhawks with 6-1/2" bbls will all do sub-2" gps at 25 yds with any of the above. Unique will work as well for the light to medium loads, but is a royal PITA to meter through most any powder measure. HP38 or Win 231 meter extremely well and give better accuracy in my guns. Good luck, Rod
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