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I have alot of the filling and sanding done. I still have to final sand it with some fine paper. The barrel and magazine tube were ORANGE. But I figured I would try. So I wet some OO steel wool with gun oil and went after the barrel and mag. tube. Then I wet OOOO steel wool with gun oil and went mad on the barrel and tube again, and the results are AMAZING, IT CAME BACK I DON"T BELIEVE IT! Marlin must have used some AWESOME blue way back in the early 70's. So All I'm going to do is tape off the barrel and paint the receiver a semi flat black. GOSH this is really working out better than I ever thought it would. The inside of the barrel escaped un harmed from the weather I guess all the fouling that was in there helped in that aspect. I hope these 60's are as good a shooter as they say. I've never shot this one or any model 60 for that matter. Any suggestions let me know. I would like some suggestions on a type of paint (SPRAY) to use on the stock and a shade ya'll think might would look good. Should I PRIME it first? Thanks

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