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I've bought from dealers/FFL's on gunbroker a number of's my checklist.

1. Has to be an FFL...I won't deal with a private individual, unless he's using an FFL on his end. This will help prevent buying a stolen firearm.
2. Has to have a 3-5 day, no fire inspection period...
3. The seller must have about 100 transactions with virtually no negative feed back, and I always read all of the feed back.
4. Payment must allow USPS Money Order. If the seller is bogus and cashes that Money Order...he's playing around with a Federal Felony conviction.
5. Must have adequate pictures that thoroughly demonstrate the gun's condition.
6. Must answer questions posed through GB's usual answer within a few days equals a deal breaker.
7. Must ship to my FFL with no mickey-mouse BS about not taking a copy of his FFL license via FAX.
8. Reasonable shipping for a pistol, about $30 max.
9. Lastly, I don't want to deal with a seller that has all sorts of "don't bug me if you're a tire kicker" and similar seller attitude problems. Life's too short to put up with arrogance.

Most of my transactions have taken about two weeks from conclusion of the auction to delivery at my FFL...some have been a cpl days short of that, but none were longer.

Good luck...and BTW...Ive yet to have one go sour on me...and all guns were at least as good as the description and photos. Rod
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