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Also according to the UN many countries under report violence and crime to the point where there is no really telling for sure. So essentially the wiki list is a pack of lies and half truths.
So true. Who believes crime rates being reported by countries like Russia, anyway?

Utah's murder rate is close to the UK's. SLC is no London, but it's a real, major city.

Then there's Vermont, which doesn't have as much in the way of urbanization, but it has even more liberal concealed carry policy than Utah. It has a lower murder rate than the U.K.

An interesting counterpoint to those two low-population states is New Mexico. It has a murder rate of 8.7 per 100k (vs 1.1-1.3 for the previously mentioned countries/states, based on the wikipedia intentional homicide list)

What's different about New Mexico compared to Vermont and Utah?

It's all about sociology: gangs, drug distribution, economics, and poor criminal justice policy driving crime.
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