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Great info. A lot of people seem to be leaning 308 these days. I have to wonder why it would be chosen over 30-06. I often wonder about the 270 as I havent heard much hipe about it in recent times. My father left several rifles and I left a couple for my azzhole brother. One of them was a 270 remington. It probably would have been my best choice out of the rifles for long range work. As it stands I own a 30-06 mauser, 2- 30-06 7600 Rems, Enfield carbine, 30-30. At 100yds the 30-30 has given me the best groups 1"ish with a 4x bushnell. Both 7600-s walk so bad after a couple rnds I really cant say. The sight on the 303 covers a 8" target, not that I can shoot irons over 50. I havent shot the mausere enough to say. Im going to give it a shot now and see what I can make it do with irons.
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