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Echo scope rings on Mauser

I posted a pic of my Belgium K98 and have decided that it needs some freshening up. I dont want to do a re blueing as the original is in 90% or better condition. I do want to put a decent scope on it. Problem is the current mount is a ECHO by E.G. Herkner Co, Boise Idaho. It is a side mount and very solid with 1" rings. The problem is that the rings are only split on 1 side and do not allow me to remove the old scope (weaver 2-1/2-5 that is cloudy and fogs) to install a new scope. I have a very well equipped CNC machine shop and have considered modifying or making my own mount to match the current holes in the receiver. But I dont have a need to reinvent the wheel. Has anyone found a replacement of these rings or have any options?
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