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For those of you who weathered the O'panic of 2007/8, how long did it take for pricing and availability to get back to "normal"? Should we see things recover pretty quickly on (at least) as the current auctions expire and get re-listed?
About a year but you have to consider that in 2008, Obama & Co were looking at eventual accountability in 2012. Now there is none & that's a game changer. This is apparent in the immediate push to reenact the AWB. The people trying to do this know damn good & well that restricting firearms will not prevent such a massacre. They are using the blood of innocent children to seize a political objective- period. If this continues throughout Obama's second term, it won't get better. It will only get worse.

People list firearms on the auction sites because they realize that somewhere out there is an impulse buyer, who will pay top dollar (or more) for what they are selling. While you get a range of prices, they'll run to the high side and for that reason I find them to be a poor indicator of prices.

If I really want to know what a particular used gun is bringing, I check the major retailers who list used guns- Cherry's, Williams, Summit Gun Broker etc.
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