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Yes, I think it does, the way guns are currently regulated (with lowers being the evil part).

The disadvantage to handmade, small machine-shop, and 3d-printer-produced firearms is that certain parts won't be as durable, and, for uppers, guns won't be as accurate (ak-47s are notorious for loose tolerances, for instance).

Lower accuracy might have affected the Beltway snipers, but they could have simply switched to a bolt-action rifle. Whitman had an M1 but it was similarly not critical to the outcome (I can't find how many rounds he shot from which guns). None of this semi-auto high-cap paranoia materially affects either of those cases. For the rest of the rampage/spree killers... neither accuracy nor durability (to a point) makes much difference. They're short-range attacks.

It's precisely law-abiding citizens who want high-reliability, higher-accuracy firearms. They want the full advantages of modern commercial cnc manufacturing tech, modern heat treating tech, and sometimes cryo for barrels: for reliability, accuracy, durability. Criminals don't care so much. They're not putting hundreds of rounds (sometimes more) per month through their firearms.
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