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Would you agree with this assertion? 9mm Luger and Lead

I recently queried the general concensus that lead in Glocks was a bad idea.

Seems that it is and, with that, my value-for-money fueled objective of getting some cheaper lead bullet cartridges for my Glock has evaporated, along with any thoughts about a threaded barrel, for the time being.

This conclusion is partly due to the info on TFL, but also due to what a local range/gunshop manager told me.

He explained that even in a land and groove barrel, unless you use FMJs or hard cast bullets, the velocities of 9mm Luger bullets is such that a lead bullet would shed material considerably in any barrel, polygonal or not, resulting in possible accidents.

Is this true?
(not resurrecting my lead bullet ambition, just trying to build my knowledge)
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