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Not to change your mind, but buy her her first gun. Make it her choice and her gun. Just make sure it’s a well thought out choice and something she can shoot well and control it (clear jams in a semi).
You’re changing her from a semi to a revolver. My first choice for her first gun is a 22LR. Something like a Ruger MKll. I just bought a can of 4000 22 LR for the price of four boxes of 44special factory.
Being cheaper, a lot cheaper she will want to shoot even more. Then when you have her really hooked she’ll want you to buy MORE GUNS AND MORE GUNS and then, it’s a win win situation.
Women are smarter than we are, and in most cases they are, when we let them think so.
“Peace is that brief glorious moment in history when everybody stands around reloading.” – Thomas Jefferson.

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