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No oil is bad, a little is good and a lot is bad.
Just how much are you putting on the gun and where?
If you have a lot of wet oil throughout the gun, dust and debris from firing will collect in places you don’t want it to be.
On my 26 when I clean I wipe it down with a cleaner. Then wipe it down till its dry and then put a little oil on all parts that I can get to and then wipe as much of it off as I can. The only places I let lubricant on is the slide rails and I use gun grease for that.
You don’t really need much oil on parts that don’t see any wear, a very small amount of oil is there to protect it from corrosion and keep moisture off the metal.
On the outside of my guns, if I carry them I keep them as dry as a popcorn flatulence.
In the safe I use silicone sprayed into a rage then wipe them down to get the fingerprint off of them.
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