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My favorite deer rifle is my .270 Win, 700 Stainless.
My favorite walk-about rifle is a CZ 455, .22WMR.
My favorite large varmint rifle is either a .243 Win, 700, or a Tikka T3 Lite in the same caliber, depending on whether I'll be walking or sitting more.
My favorite offhand plinker semi-auto rifle is an accurized 10-22.
My favorite offhand informal target rifle is an accurized Rem 504.
My favorite lever-action rimfire rifle is a Marlin 39A.
My favorite rimfire benchrest rifle is....

Well, you get the idea.
People are like rifles. Some are tried and true, having great eyes, personality, and fun to be with. Others never seem to hit the mark with you. Still others go off half-cocked. Still, it's nice to know most of them.
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