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Yesterday I shot of a small sample of 21gr loads, under both 240gr FNFMJ, and 200gr plated TC.

As I am not overly accurate with this heavy revolver, I opted for resting on a bench surface to get a better aim. At 30-40ft, they were pretty close to the mark.
The 200gr were tighter, but I think that was me, more than the gun as the 240grs really do have a kick and resting on a bench seems to make that worse. I don't know what those 265gr Hornady's I have ordered are going to feel like, sat over a hot load!!

Anyway, I feel as though these loads are almost accurate as any I've had in the past. I do remember getting the holes from my factory S&B loads to touch, but there I was at 20ft, probably less.

I have noticed that all my shots are left of where I was aiming. So it could be the rearsight needs adjusting, or I've a technique issue to address. (Most likely the letter...)

Being right handed that little flinch pie-chart says it might be anticipating recoil (with hot .44 loads?! Surely not!!), tightening grip, or incorrect finger position.
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