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As others have noted, training, practice, and dress around the gun. An honest-to-goodness gun belt and quality holster go a long way towards making the act of carrying comfortable and concealable.

On your first couple of outings, you'll expect someone to yell "OHMYGODHESGOTAGUN!" at any minute. It won't happen. Pretty soon, you'll come to realize that you could carry anything up to and including the size of a moped under your coat, and nobody is likely to notice. In this day and age, folks have all kinds of cell phones, ipods, ipaids, mp3 players, etc. hanging from their belts, so nobody notices one extra lump. My lumps just happen to be a semiauto and an extra magazine, rather than an electronic gizmo.
A gunfight is not the time to learn new skills.

If you ever have a real need for more than a couple of magazines, your problem is not a shortage of magazines. It's a shortage of people on your side of the argument. -- Art Eatman
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